Premium Face Masks for Coronavirus (Covid 19)

As a paramedic, on a daily basis I have been seeing firsthand our massive shortage of PPE, especially face masks. Many of the homemade face masks on the market either A) do not have enough layers to provide protection, or B) do not fit properly, or C) a combination of both. Working in the medical field and having an immunocompromised wife, I set out to make a mask that could be used on a daily basis, both at home and on the job 

Through all of this, I have come up with my premium face masks.

There are 2 types of masks in 4 available sizes:

The Standard Mask is made with one layer of cotton fabric on the outside, two layers of a pressed fabric that function as filters, and the backing is felt which is also pressed not woven, so it is a more effective barrier. There is then a continuous piece of soft elastic fed through the mask, which creates a loop that sits on top of your, and then ties comfortably behind your neck. I designed the elastic to fit in this way so it takes the strain off of your ears, which can cause discomfort when wearing standard masks over time. 

The Pocket Style Mask has all the same features as the Standard listed above, plus a convenient pocket made the user can add extra filtration if so desired; such as carbon filters, or even an N95 mask with some minor modifications. With an N95 within the Pocket Mask, my masks have been able to pass rigorous hospital level tests! The Pocket Masks now come with 1 free disposable N95 filter, that are custom made for my masks. Specifications on filtration qualities of the N95 are listed below; extra filters can be purchased as well. 

We have also recently adding mask personalization! We can monogram your name on your mask, making sure no one ever mistakes your mask for theirs. We can also add designs like a heart or smile to the masks, truly making it something of your own design. Please contact us for special pricing details. 

Call or text me at 405.816.1887 to order or if you have any questions!


  • The standard masks – $10/each.
  • The pocket masks – $18/each & include 1 N95 filter.
    • Extra N95 filters – $2/each
  • Monogramming – $2 per mask for standard names.


Adult Large: fits a large majority of adults

Adult Small: fits most women, teens & those with a smaller face

Child Large: 7-12 years old

Child Small: 3-6 years old

Sizing for Face Masks

* Smaller and larger masks can be made as well upon request.* 

Colors and Patterns

N95 Mask Inserts and Information


face mask for coronavirus sample
face mask for coronavirus fabric

The cover fabric plus three solid fabrics below.


face mask for coronavirus
face mask for coronavirus

Example of the mask with a pocket.

face mask for coronavirus sample

Demonstration of how the mask compares with the N95 Mask

Example of a mask with custom monogramming

Please note that these masks are not replacements for Medical fit tested N95 masks and are not guaranteed to stop the transmission of Covid-19 or other viruses or bacteria and should not be worn in high risk areas..


Q: How do I order?

A: Pick out the color(s) and size(s) you want from the above pictures and text/call Nick @ (405) 816-1887 with your order. Most orders are ready for pick up within several days.

Q: How to I get my mask once it’s ready?

A: Once the mask(s) are ready we will contact you about pick up. All pick-ups are contactless and your masks are bagged for your convenience.

Q: How do I wash my mask?

A: It is recommended that the mask be hand washed in hot soapy water and then air dried. It can be put in the washer but cannot be put in the dryer or ironed due to the inner filtration fabric.

Q: How do I tie my mask?

A: There is then a continuous piece of soft elastic fed through the mask which sits on top of your head taking the strain off your ears and then ties comfortably behind your neck. It is the easiest if you have someone help you tie the mask behind your head for the first time.

Q: Are the N95 filters washable?

A: No, they are designed to be disposable and should be thrown away after use.

Q: How long do the N95 filters last for?

A: The recommended use time is 4-8 hours depending on use.

Q: Are they customizable?

A: Yes! The masks can be monogrammed or even customized further with your own design like a heart or smile if you would like!